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Friday 20 January 2012

Tenure Posting of officials in single handed & double handed post offices – Preventive Vigilance Measure

D.G. Posts No. 8-4/2005-Inv dated 12th January, 2012.
            Instructions were issued vide this letter of even No. dated 22.9.2005 to the effect that officials who have been posted as SPM /PA in single handed or double handed Post Offices irrespective of period of posting/completion of tenure should not be posted back to the same office after a break as is being done now. In other words officials of single handed and double handed post offices can have only one posting in such offices during their service period. The letter however vested powers personally with the CPMG/PMG for relaxation of the provisions only in respect of double handed post offices in a specific case if warranted by exceptional administrative exigencies.
2.         For quite some time past, this office has been receiving reports/representations expressing difficulties faced in the implementation of these instructions in respect of single handed SOs. As such it has been decided that the powers of the CPMsG/PMsG for relaxation in respect of double handed SOs if warranted by exceptional administrative exigencies would be applicable in respect of single handed SOs also.
3.         This issues with approval of Secretary (Posts).


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