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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Transfers & Postings in PS Group B cadre in Vijayawada Region

PMG Vijayawada has issued following Transfers and postings in PS Group-‘B’ Cadre  vide memo no ST-I/3-1/B/Genl/10 dated 29 .11.2011. 
present place of Working
Place of Posting
Transfers in Existing Group B officers

Adhoc SSPos Ongole Dn
AD(Staff) O/O PMG Vijayawada
S.Jaffer Sadiq
SPOs Eluru Dn
SPOs Narasaraopet Dn
Postings to the newly promoted Group B officers

Y Janardhana SarmaManager, SPC, GunturDy SPOs O/O SSPOs Vijayawada
Ch Syam BabuAdhoc SPOs, KhammamDnSPOs Eluru Dn
P DavidAdhoc SPOs, Peddapalli Dn.SPOs Nellore Dn
G Mukteswara RaoASP (HQ), TenaliSPOs Khammam Dn

Transfers & Postings in IPoS Group A in AP circle

Sri Jose kollanoor SSP Pune City Dn who stands posted as SSP Vijayawada Dn is now realloted to Hyderabad City region and posted as SSPOs Hyderabad City Division vide CO Hyd memo no  ST/12-74/2011 dated 29.11.2011.

Sunday 27 November 2011

LGO Exam result will be declared based on marks in Arithmetic Paper

Decision has been taken at Directorate level to ignore the language papers and exam result will be decided based on the marks secured in Arithmetic Paper (25 X 2). communication is being sent to CMC for valuation of arithmetic paper and finalise results.

Confirmation Exam removed in New PA rectt Rules

In the revised PA recruitment rules, the confirmation examination has been removed. There is no confirmation examination hereafter. All eligible PAs will be confirmed by DPC as per 6 (i) (12) of the said rules.

Saturday 26 November 2011

Regional allotments to PS Group B promoted offficers

Circle Office, Hyderabad has issued Regional allotments to the following PS Group-‘B’ candidates who stands allotted to AP Circle vide CO memo no ST/12-1/2011/II dated 25.11.2011. 

present place of Working
Allotted to which region
Ch L N Sastry (Retiring on 30.11.11)ASP, (HQ), VizagVisakhapatnam
M V MuralidharAdhoc AD, HYD RegionHyderabad
G Suraya NarayanaAdhoc SPOs, ParvathipuramVisakhapatnam
K V Subba RaoAdhoc AD, Kurnool RegionKurnool
Y Janardhana SarmaManager, SPC, GunturVijayawada
M Murali Mohana RaoAdhoc SPOs, Vizianagaram Dvn.Visakhapatnam
K V ReddyAdhoc ADM (PLI), CO, Hyd.Hyd City region and posted asADM (PLI) C.O
D Bhaskar (SC)ASP, Kurnool RegionKurnool
M Machaiah (SC)Adhoc SPOs, Kurnool RegionHyderabad
Ch Syam Babu (SC)Adhoc SPOs, KhammamVijayawada
P DavidAdhoc SPOs, Peddapalli Dvn.Vijayawada
G Mukteswara Rao (ST)ASP (HQ), TenaliVijayawada
R Venkata Ramudu (ST)
(Retiring on 31.12.11)
Adhoc SPOs, Amalapuram Dn.Visakhapatnam
Officers working in Other circles and Alloted to AP Circle
N B Kulakarni  IIKarnataka
N NagabhushanaKarnatakaHyderabad
B S Venkatachala BhatKarnataka
B N Siva Sankara PrasadKarnataka
G Siva PrakasamTamil NaduHyderabad
A K Mahaboob AliTamil Nadu
P BhaskarTamil Nadu
Hyderabad City and posted as AD(Tech) CO Hyderabad
Reallotment to the Existing PS Group B officers on request
K.Narasinga raoSPOs Mahaboob nagar Dn Hyderabad RegionHyd City region and posted as Sr PM Khiratabad HO

Friday 25 November 2011

Revision PO SB Schemes Intertest Rates w.e.f 01.12.2011

Directorate has issued following SB orders on 24.11.2011to come into force with effect from 01.12.2011. To see the orders in original, Click here.

S B ORDER 22 / 2011Dated 24.11.2011
Discontinuance of Kisan Vikas Patras with effect from 01.12.2011
S B ORDER 23 / 2011Dated 24.11.2011
Revision of Maturity Period and Maturity Value  of 6 years National Savings Certificate ( NSC ) VIII Issue with effect from 01.12.2011
S B ORDER 24 / 2011Dated 24.11.2011
Revision of maximum limit of subscription in a financial year , rate of interest on balance in the PPF Accounts and rate of interest charged on loan taken from PPF Account with effect from 01.12.2011
S B ORDER 25 / 2011Dated 24.11.2011
Revision of Maturity Period , rate of interest and discontinuation of 5% bonus on maturity of Monthly Income Account scheme with effect from 01.12.2011
S B ORDER 26 / 2011, Dated 24.11.2011
Revision of interest rate on balance at credit in Post Office Savings Account with effect from 01.12.2011
S B ORDER 27 / 2011Dated 24.11.2011
Revision of rate of interest of Time Deposit Accounts with effect from 01.12.2011
S B ORDER 28 / 2011Dated 24.11.2011
Revision of rate of interest of Recurring Deposit Accounts with effect from 01.12.2011
S B ORDER 29 / 2011Dated 24.11.2011
Revision of rate of commission payable to SAS and MPKBY Agentsand discontinuance of commission to PPF Agents with effect from 01.12.2011

Thursday 24 November 2011

Meeting with Senior officers, Directorate

On 24. 11.2011, Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General NFPE and President CHQ, General Secretary Com. K. V. Sridharan and Com. Satyanarayana, General Secretary, Postal Accounts met the Secretary and discussed the issues. The need for review meeting on the decision arrived on strike demands and convening JCM Departmental Council meeting was discussed and stressed. Secretary (P) Ms. Manjula Prashar assured to convene the meeting shortly.
Thereafter, Secretary General & General Secretary P3 met Member (P), DDG (P) and other senior officers and discussed various issues. The following are the outcome and information, we gathered from the Directorate.
1. LGO Exam: - Decision has been taken ignore the language papers and exam result will be decided based on the marks secured in Arithmatic Paper (25 X 2) communication will be sent to CMC for valuation of arithmetic

Revised list of AP Circle for Limited Departmental Competitive Examination of Postmaster Grade-1 held on 12.6.2011

Revised result of Andhra Pradesh Circle with reference to letter No.A-34012/3/2011-DE(AP)(Pt.1)dated 4.11.2011
Click here for original order

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Repatriation of the post of Dy SP Vijayawada Dn

The post of Dy SPOs O/O SSPOs Vijayawada Dn which was redeployed as AD (Tech) o/o CPMG Hyderabad long back ( vide CO memo no EST/5-3/CR/IV dated 19.06.2009) is now repatriated and the post of DY SPOs Vijaywada Dn is restored vide CO memo no Est/5-3/CR/V(KW)/2011-12 dated 23.11.2011. Consequently, the post of AD(Accounts) C.O Hyderabad is redesignated as AD(Tech) C.O Hyderabad.

Transfers in PS Group B Cadre

The Group B posting of Sri P.RamBabu AD(Staff)O/O PMG Vijayawada and at present on adhoc promotion to JTS Group A as SSRM Hyderabad Stg Dn Hyderabad is changed to the post of AD(Accounts) C.O Hyderabad. Sri P.Rambabu will continue to be the SSRM Hyd Stg Dn on adhoc basis. As a result of the change of posting of Sri P.Rambabu in PS Group B cadre, the post of AD(staff) O/O PMG Vijayawada is a regular vacancy now.

Proposal to Amend Minimum Wages Act

The Government is in the process of consulting various stake holders and is yet to take a final decision on the proposal for amending the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 and fixing a statutory National Floor Level Minimum Wage.
On the basis of the information available, a statement showing the range of minimum rates of wages under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 in different States/Union Territories is given below:-

Tuesday 22 November 2011

UPU Letter writing competition on 08.01.2012

Click here  to  view the Directorate letter in original.

Department of Posts proposes to conduct 41st Universal Postal Union ( UPU) Letter Writing Competition on Sunday, 08th January 2012. The details are as follows:

“Write a letter to an athlete or sports figure you admire to explain what the Olympic Games mean to you”.


Participants eligibility

Children up to 15 years of age as on 31.03.2012


Content and form

Composition must be presented in the form of letter about 500 to 800 words length on the given subject


Date & Time

Sunday, 8th January,2012, 10.00am to 11.00am



English or any language listed in the 8thschedule of the Constitution of India