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Friday 20 January 2012

Grant of Cycle maintenance allowance to postmen

D.G. Posts F. No. 1-02/2012-PAP dated 17th January, 2012.
            The undersigned is directed to say that the issue of grant of Cycle Maintenance Allowance to Postmen without any limitations of distance of their beats has been under consideration of a Committee on special Allowance, headed by Shri Santosh Gauriar, Chief Postmaster General, Madhya Pradesh Circle.
2.         The recommendations of the Committee have been examined in consultation with the Integrated Finance Wing of the Department and the Competent Authority is please to approve that all the postmen, who are utilizing cycles for delivery of mails, be granted Cycle Maintenance Allowance without any distance criteria, after due approval of the Divisional Heads concerned subject to satisfaction of prescribed conditions. This will be further subject to strict adherence to the instructions on rotation of postmen beats.
3.         These orders shall take effect from the date of their issue.
4.         This has been vetted by the Departmental IFW vide their Diary No. 20/FA/12/CS dated 17.1.2012.


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